3 Things to Know About Four Seasons Lanai Weddings + Everything You Need to Know About Lanai Hawaii

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Have you heard of the island of Lanai in Hawaii? Don’t let its small size fool you - Lanai is a jewel. Whether you’re considering a Lanai wedding at Four Seasons Lanai or are visiting the island for a vacation, you’re in the right place to learn about this magical destination. Known for its seclusion and opportunities for adventure, Lanai is among our very favourites of the Hawaiian islands.

What sets this place apart? For us, besides the Four Seasons Lanai weddings, it is the island’s unique history, luxurious lodging, charming local restaurants, and the remote feel of this incredibly unique place. Located nine miles and a 45-minute ferry trip from Maui, this otherworldly island is not to be missed.

1. Planning your trip to Lanai

If you’re just starting the planning process for your Lanai wedding, elopement, or honeymoon, read on!  While we have lived and worked all over the world, there is nowhere we have been that is as special as Lanai.  It is unlike any place you will experience and is true Hawaiian history and authenticity.  It is a bucket list location and we love sharing its beauty with others.  Below, we’ll share planning tips, activity recommendations, and the island’s best destinations for a visit you’ll never forget.

How to Get Around Lanai

Lanai is the smallest publicly-accessible of the Hawaiian islands and the easiest way to reach it is by ferry. Though ocean conditions influence the length of the ferry ride, plan for about 45 minutes to an hour in length. Look for whales when you travel via Ferry- they abound as the channel between Maui and Lanai is one of the most populous places in the world for HumpBack Whales during breeding seasons December to March.  Whether you are visiting Lanai for several nights or just a day trip, the ferry ride marks the beginning of your not-soon-forgotten experience on this amazing island.

At 140 square miles and only 18 miles wide at its longest point, the island is home to about 3000 locals, one small town, a variety of overnight house rentals, very few hotels, and the exquisite Four Seasons Lanai.

Once you arrive at Manele Harbor on Lanai from Lahaina Harbor on Maui, you’ll find yourself near a general store, within walking distance from a pleasant pebble beach, and about 15 minutes from the hike to Sweetheart Rock.

If you are staying at a hotel on the island, you will enjoy shuttle service, or else you may rent a car or Jeep to access other hikes, the many 4x4 and off-road trails, and other remote destinations on the island.

The alternate way to access the island is via Air.

From Maui, there is Mokulele Airlines, whose small 8-10 passenger planes provide a stunning birds eye View of Both Maui and Lanai on the short flight. There a limited flights and seats, so please book early!

From Oahu, and as a Four Seasons guests, you can fly on Lanai Air, the dedicated service for the Four Seasons and the flight is often included IN the reservation price of the hotel depending on how you book- we highly recommend!

Whether you arrie via Ferry or Air, the Four Seasons will pick you up in a luxury, air conditioned shuttle and transport you directly to the hotel. The World Class staff of the Four Seasons will reach out to you in advance of your trip to confirm all arrival and departure details.  Even if you are familiar with other Four Seasons properties, the service and property is standout on Lanai.

History of Lanai:

Recorded history suggests that inhabitants began to call Lanai home in the 1500’s, and legend suggests that the island was haunted by ghosts and other fabled creatures.  In the early 1800’s, the first sugar plantations were established, which shifted to ranching in the 1870’s. Around that time, local fishing operations slowed.

Fishing villages had been established by earlier inhabitants, and King Kamehameha the Great is said to have especially enjoyed the village of Kaunolu. Along the coast near this location, visitors can still see the remains of his stone house, as well as petroglyphs, while hiking an easy mile-long path.

In 1922, James Dole, the president of Hawaiian Pineapple Company (which was later renamed Dole Food Company), purchased Lanai. The majority of the island was developed into a pineapple plantation - the world’s largest! After high costs and labor shortages led to a decline in Hawaii’s pineapple production in the 1980’s, Dole ceased its pineapple operations in 1992, and in 2012, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison purchased 98% of the island for $300 Million. He led a complete renovation of the Four Seasons Resort Lanai in 2016, and now the destination is known for its luxury experiences, incredible service and dining, and unrivaled Hawaiian wedding and honeymoon packages.

2. Activities on Lanai:

Lanai’s clay shooting and archery

If you’re looking for a break from the beach, a popular activity on Lanai is clay shooting and archery. If you’re staying at Four Seasons Lanai, the resort provides shuttles to the range, which is located in the forests of the upland area of the island. The experience includes a private lesson which covers all safety requirements, rules, and etiquette, as well as all of the required equipment and targets of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a hunter, recreational shooter, or first timer, this experience is one you won’t soon forget.

Golfing in Lanai

Exclusively available to resort guests, the Manele Golf Course is a challenging five-tee concept with absolutely breathtaking views. Open from 8am to 6pm Tuesday through Sunday, you can also visit the course’s golf shop, which opens at 7am, and offers golf accessories, clothing, and gifts.

Whether you’re a professional or an absolute novice, there’s something for everyone at Manele Golf Course. Sign up for the Golf 101 program to learn the basics of the game, take a one-on-one lesson, or opt for applying the Trackman Technology to improve your club delivery, ball flight, and landing. No matter if you’re out on the course to enjoy a serious game or indulge in the unmatched vistas, it’ll be an amazing day on Lanai’s Manele Golf Course.

Lanai Adventure Park

Whether you’re staying at Four Seasons Lanai or just visiting for the day, be sure to check out the Lanai Adventure Park. With everything from ziplining to e-bike rentals, adventures of all kinds are possible here. Challenge yourself with scaling great heights in the aerial obstacle course, empower yourself and your loved ones, and get inspired by the incredible beauty surrounding you here.

Consider the 90-minute aerial tower experience, one of the top-sellers at the Lanai Adventure Park. With CLiC-iT Smart Belay Technology, you can feel secure knowing you’re in good hands while working your way through this ropes course. If you’re more comfortable staying on the ground, you may wish to opt for a Quietkat e-bike rental, complete with a knowledgeable guide, for an assisted ride on one of many trails in the area. Exploring has never been more fun!

Mini Pony Farm

To experience a bit of Lanai’s pre-pinapple plantation ranching history, visit the mini pony farm in Upcountry Lanai, managed by Four Seasons Lanai. You can get there by taking the complimentary resort shuttle or by renting a Jeep. While you’re there, pet and groom the miniature horses, and see the donkeys, goats, and ponies. Bonus - pack a picnic lunch and enjoy the ranch atmosphere!

Lanai’s Whale Watching

Like the other Hawaiian islands, Lanai offers incredible whale-watching opportunities. While you’re visiting, whether with your kids or for your Four Seasons Lanai wedding , many opportunities abound to allow you the chance to catch sight of these incredible animals. Because the channels between Lanai, Maui and Molokai are breeding grounds for humpback whales, many visitors report that the ferry itself from Maui to Lanai results in whale sightings.

At the Four Seasons Resort Lanai there are two luxury Catamarans in Manele Harbor to access snorkel, whale and sunset cruises or you can rent a private charter for larger wedding groups via Trilogy Charters who we highly recommend.  The boats via the Four Seasons are top of the line in luxury sailing catamarans and make for a great pre wedding welcome party location.

3. Top Destinations in Lanai

Hulopoe Beach

There’s a reason the Four Seasons Resort Lanai is situated along this award-winning beach. With white sands and crystal blue waters, this unforgettable beach is iconic, wonderfully calm, and even features showers and picnic tables. There are great snorkeling experiences to enjoy, as well as tide pools at the eastern end of the beach. Hulopoe Beach is a great place to catch a glimpse of the playful spinner dolphins that enjoy the bay in the summer, and the winter brings humpback whales to the area for calving. A Lanai honeymoon package is not complete without a visit to Hulopoe Beach.

This idyllic beach is serviced by the Four Seasons hotels so all you need to bring is yourself and some sunscreen as the hotel has chairs, towels umbrellas and staff at the beach to assist you when you want to relax on the beach. Its the perfect way to spend the first day after your wedding with all your family and friends!

Pu‘Upehe Islet Seabird Sanctuary

Pu‘Upehe Islet Seabird Sanctuary, also called Sweetheart rock, is a must-see on your visit to Lanai. The rock, which is located near Hulupoe Bay, just offshore from Lanai, is actually its own 80-foot-tall island, about 1.5 acres in area.

According to local legend, a warrior from Lanai was so in love with his Maui-born bride that he hid her in a cave so that other men wouldn’t see her. While he was away, a storm passed through and the warrior returned to find his love had drowned. After burying her, the warrior climbed the 80-foot island and lept to the crashing waves below in devastation. Made famous due to a legendary love story, the location is now the popular destination for visitors hiking the pleasant 15-20 minute walk from Four Seasons Lanai. Though it is a tragic story, many couples who are visiting Lanai and enjoying an Hawaii resort elopement package find the location memorable for its vistas, the gentle walk to the destination, and appreciate the culture and folklore of the site.

Can we mention this is a stunning location for day of wedding photos for those wanting to get a bit more creative with their photographs?

Garden of the Gods

Requiring a 4WD vehicle or mountain bike, a visit to Garden of the Gods is unlike anything else. The lunar landscape is made up of strange rock formations, such as spires and towers, and is a landscape of mystery, especially at dusk. Legend says that two priests were challenged to keep fires burning as long as possible, and the Lanai priest burned all of the available vegetation in the area while doing so.

Polihau Beach

If you’ve rented a Jeep or 4WD vehicle and are planning to visit the Garden of the Gods, why not keep going a bit further and visit Polihau Beach? This 1.5-mile expanse of white sand is remote, and it will feel like you have it all to yourself. Though the currents have resulted in no swimming opportunities at the beach, the relaxing solitude of the space will rejuvenate and inspire you.

Shipwreck Beach

Located on 6 miles of the island’s northern coastline, Shipwreck Beach offers incredible views of two WWII ships that were intentionally grounded there. Though they are the two prominent ships, there are more than 10 additional wrecks - some not intentionally grounded - in the area.

Lanai Cat Sanctuary

If you’re a cat lover, make time to visit the Lanai Cat Sanctuary, a 6-acre sanctuary that is home to more than 600 cats. Thanks to the generosity of donors and cat-lovers globally, these much-loved kitties enjoy medical treatment, attention, and love from visitors and organization staff. By taking in and caring for these cats, the sanctuary protects native birds on Lanai, an added benefit for the group.

Munro Trail

For an unforgettable day on a double-track trail North of Lanai City, rent a bike or lace up your hiking shoes and head out on the Munro Trail. This road boasts incredible views of all six main Hawaiian islands on a clear day. Additionally, the high elevations and pine trees allow you a unique experience of this island. north of lanai city that offers sweeping vistas and pine trees. Be sure to pack plenty of snacks and water, as well as sunscreen and your jacket.

The Four Seasons Sensei Lanai Hawaii:

Official Website: https://m.fourseasons.com/lanai/weddings/

Known as one of the most opulent hotels worldwide, Four Seasons Sensei Lanai was completely remodeled in 2016, with gardens that blend exotic plants with native vegetation, two pools, incredible interior finishes, advanced technology, and incredible hotel dining options. Interesting fact - in 1994, billionaire Bill Gates was married to his wife Melinda on the golf course on Lanai. We can only imagine that Four Seasons Hawaii wedding event!

According to this review, the location “is your gateway to an exotic, private paradise where opportunities for adventure and relaxation abound. The ultraluxe resort… offers dazzling views over the gold crescent of Hulopo’e Beach to the blue-green waters of a protected marine preserve. Inspired by Hawaii’s diverse and storied influences, the interiors showcase walls of teak and zebra wood edging artisan-produced Nepalese lokta paper and floors of mahogany laid with wool hand-woven area rugs.”

The accommodations offer 213 large guest rooms and suites, world-class golf and spa amenities, access to complimentary shuttle service, incredible gardens located at the edge of the ocean, direct beach access, and so much more..

Four Seasons Lanai Weddings:

Four Seasons Resort Lanai, in Manele Bay at Hulopoe Beach, is an unrivaled venue for your wedding in the Hawaiian islands. With more than ten premier locations for the ceremony and reception onsite, the Four Seasons wedding packages available on Lanai can accommodate everything from large weddings to intimate elopements.  

Four Seasons Resort Lanai offers a number of Lanai wedding packages, including an elopement package, an intimate package, a deluxe package, a luxury package, a weddingmoon package, and a vow renewal package. Each of these Lanai Hawaii wedding packages offers bonus services and offerings from the hotel, and each can be somewhat customized in accordance with your preferences. With its high-end amenities, such as a spa, ballroom, wedding-night turn-down service, onsite musicians and more, Four Seasons Lanai is the epitome of luxury in the islands.

Did we mention this location offers among the best Hawaii wedding and honeymoon options? ? Book a dinner for two with a customized menu, go horseback riding on the beach, take a sunset cruise with cocktails, or snorkel the coral reefs. There’s adventure, sightseeing, golfing, fishing, dining, and relaxing galore.

If you’re looking for a more personal location for your celebration, a Four Seasons Lanai wedding  is worth consideration. Privacy, adventure, and inspiration abound here.

Often we are asked, if were could get married again, where would it be and undoubtedly we would choose the Four Seasons Lanai for its beauty, privacy and uniqueness.

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